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About Us

Miramondo Network: how our team is composed, what we do, where and when we operate. And above all, what are the reasons for a renewed commitment to so many customers that renew their confidence in us.


Miramondo Network is a team of professionals developing a dynamic and innovative organization, offering the customers high quality and paying continued and multidisciplinary attention to their needs.

Within the staff of Miramondo Network there are professionals operating in training, web design, web marketing, social media, communication, editing, copywriting, programming, graphics sectors.

A continually growing team in order to ensure the top performance of each project.



Miramondo is a company managing large innovative projects: training, business development, technology, web and tourism are only some of the areas within the multisectoral company strategy, which is tailored to the needs of the clients.

Ideas and new approaches naturally develop in Miramondo Network and they are tailor- made for our clients: our mission is their professional growth, offering them the best possibilities, providing them the right support for enhancing their competitiveness.



Miramondo never stops! Our team is committed everyday to offering our clients the very best solutions for any quality project, sharing the most effective and efficient ones with them, developing customized and individual proposals.

You can contact us at any time, using the contact details listed in the Contact . If you prefer to visit us in person, we are available by appointment at our head office in Sesto San Giovanni.



Miramondo Network consultants operate throughout Italy offering its customers a high quality and fully available service. The presence of experts who work on site and remotely provide an effective territorial coverage: a fundamental added value for the client who wishes to be in direct and frequent contact with the partners.

Our head office is located in Sesto San Giovanni (MI), in Viale Rimembranze 132. We will be pleased to welcome you in our offices, to present in more detail all Miramondo proposals!

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We believe in the need of a proposal reaching standards of quality and excellence on the market. We believe in the amazing potential of the firms which guarantees a positive development in any context of crisis and difficulties. We believe in the share of results and strategies as the best way for achieving immediate success.

And we believe in us, and in you.